Avicii has died

Fuck me, that’s no age. Tragic.


Bloody hell

28, fuck that’s hellish

Madness! His poor family :cry:

28 is completely brutal and I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be told you’ve overdone it at that age and might not make it to 30. Hits home to anyone who partied through their 20s. RIP.


Also Levels is an absolute banger for what it is. Ubiquitous to the degree you’ll never have to or want to hear it again, but there’s a reason it made him massive and even kick started the EDM movement. Like it or not, I’m sure few songs this decade will have made as big an impact

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really sad news and a massive shock. levels, silhouettes and i could be the one soundtracked a distinct period of my life that i look back on with a lot of fondness and nostalgia.

i came in here ready to use this exact description. the radio station i was listening to yesterday evening played levels immediately after announcing his passing, and instinctively i cranked up the volume, rolled down the car window and roared along with etta james at the top of my voice. i was driving through a quiet village at the time.



Lovely summery song

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Levels reminds me of a whole bunch of stuff but the one that sticks to my mind is being in the velodrome at the Olympics and it coming on and everyone just getting out of their seats and dancing and just having a fucking ball, lost in a very silly moment

Wake Me Up while, well, not my cup of tea, was everywhere during my masters year in the Netherlands and it clearly made a huge number of people happy, emotional, nostalgic and whatnot. It was the big song there that year and will always be attached to a bunch of great memories and it’s annoyingly perfectly written to forever capture a moment of lost youth

Ruled as suicide

Really sad. Hugely successful guy - whether you liked his tunes or not, chances are you danced to one of them.

The horrible spectre of depression cares not whether you’re successful. Horrible male trend that needs to end.

Don’t suffer in silence, lads. Reach out for help. Everybody goes through shit and needs a hand from time to time.


I don’t recall ever hearing that before but what a great track and what an incredible video. 2.42 when the three of them are coming down the corridor is so great.