AVM's Nine Inch Nails Dark Ambient Remix EPs



Two releases of mine from earlier this year for your enjoyment:

Remixes of “Piggy”, “The Wretched”, and “The Great Below” piano versions from the Fagility v1.0 1999 TV Special: https://soundcloud.com/user-615969649/sets/archaeotherium-ep

Remixes of “Gone, Still”: https://soundcloud.com/user-615969649/sets/item-03-gonestill-ep


New links, old ones are dead…

Archaeotherium [EP]: https://soundcloud.com/avirtualmemoryofficial/sets/archaeotherium-ep

Gone//Still [EP]: https://soundcloud.com/avirtualmemoryofficial/sets/item-03-gonestill-ep