"Aw, Snap!" error message

This is happening all the time now. Chrome 75 on Samsung Galaxy S10. When I clock on a board, thread, or notification. It is annoying.

Someone the other posited the idea of a dodgy ad…

Based on your search history of looking at broken websites I believe

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This has really done me :smiley:

34 tabs?!

Holy hell, mate :open_mouth:

I’ve not had issues on my OnePlus and it looks like you’re on Android 9 like I am? But I’m going to agree a dodgy ad is likely because I still never see adverts.

Shouldn’t be an ad since Sheeldz is a regular. You still getting this @escutcheon?

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Yeah, all the time. And yes I don’t ever see ads on my phone. It happens very regularly.

Sounds like maybe it’s a new update thing?


That was back with version 68 of Chrome and supposedly around JavaScript issues.

Now looking on my phone I have v 74.0.3729.157

So unfortunately you’re probably just waiting for Chrome to update again and correct this