AWA Thread: Ask Women Anything (SSP)

Welcome to Cis Menless Monday’s biggest potential trainwreck of a thread!

This is an #SSP thread to encourage respectful and thoughtful questions being asked. Not necessarily boring/philosophical/deep and intense ones but just don’t be a dick yeah? Questions of a sexual nature are permitted, but please be respectful and not gratuitous or cock-in-hand.

I’d probably encourage users to ask 1 question at a time and only ask further questions once their original one has been answered.

(It’s up to the women of DiS to decide which questions they would like to respond to, of course.)

Let the trainwreck begin! …But please don’t actually make the thread a trainwreck, I’m hoping this can be a useful, interesting and insightful thread


Hello women, big fan.

If there was one thing you wished that male feminists/allies would do (or would do better, more of, etc), what is it?


I missed this sentence ‘This is an #SSP thread to encourage respectful and thoughtful questions being asked’

What a mistake to make…

I think its best I don’t post again today.


Who’s the best woman ever?

And I read SADs post and thought that was the vibe

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Let us finish our sentences… Or even start them x


Toss up for me between Maya Angelou and Emmeline Pankhurst


hiya. not really sure how to phrase this but:

looking back at your own childhood, are there specific things you wish your parents & other adult caregivers did differently in terms of not reinforcing gender role expectations / preparing you for being a woman in general I guess?

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love asking people about their childhoods


:smiley: it is a silly question but I don’t think it severely contravenes the terms of AWA #social:ssp

Ask away!

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wish I hadn’t been allowed to watch Disney films or any billshit story that focused on women being rescued or their happiness only materialising with the arrival of a man. This was of course backed up by my mum and others banging on about boyfriends, getting married, kids etc.


I really like Lady GaGa


Yeah men who self describe as feminists (in my experience) tend to be some of the most dangerous ones because they’re either using their apparent allyship as a cover, or they think they’re protected from any criticism of their actions and then basically ignore you speaking from a place of experience (I had this with a prominent former DiSer a few years ago)

I’m sure there are legit men who consider themselves to be feminists but I think they’re better off self describing as an ally.


What kind of microaggressions do you find yourself on the end of as a woman most frequently?

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I guess its more the backing up by family then. But M watches some now and has started crying that no one will kiss her in a romantic way :grimacing:

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Judging by some early replies to thread… Reading the OP :wink:

Serious answer, probably not being afraid to intervene (not necessarily in an aggressive manner) when a dude is clearly making a woman uncomfortable.


This is a very good question!

For me personally, where I live (zone 6 London/Essex) and we never really spoke about going to uni or having a “career” because it was expected that I’d work in the city as some office bird until I got married and had kids and live in the same place, much like my mum and dad did. I’d have liked to have grown up with a more open mind to how you want your life to go rather than textbook DO X THEN Y

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Mine is directly related being a mother but being publicly judged by people for doing something that, if i were a man I’d be cooed over and congratulated for trying. Like being given the most aggressive of looks for having a crying baby (from women), being told that I don’t know what I’m doing, telling me how to dress my child if her sock has fallen off or something. I’ve seen people admire men whose kid’s sock has fallen off because “he’s trying” and generally people are more willing to help them or to help families with both parents present. Oh and bus drivers sighing loudly if I ask them to please press the button to lower the bus so I can get a pushchair on it, which takes them a fucking nanosecond to do.


“He’s mean to you cause he likes you” springs to mind.


As an assertive and opinionated woman, being labelled as bossy/scary/feisty.

Mansplaining too.