I was one of Brecon Distillery’s five best bartenders in Wales in 2007(?). I won a bottle of vodka and a certificate (long gone, both the certificate and the vodka). I have done nothing of note since then, but I’ll always have that (except not the certificate or the vodka).

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Well done on your award


Well done on this thread, I respect it and your efforts highly

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Oh thank you!

Won best fancy dress one year on a works Xmas party. I went as audrey from little shop of horror and made a papier mache audrey 2.

Won best arts and culture blog in the UK one time.

Won some other awards for my tours.

But business type awards are a total scam anyway.


I won Best In Show at Crufts in 2008. As the dog trainer

Well done on all of your awards

Wait, what!?

Who’s a good boy? Yes you are! Yes you are!!!


happy good boy GIF

Don’t remember tuna looking like this- he’s aged fantastically

And also, one of the main things about me is that I am short and yet I somehow chose the year a “giant” breed won to make my silly little joke

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Hoping for respect: starts thread
Also hoping for respect:

What is this life but an opportunity for laughter?


I can respect that.