Away Day

Had an away day today.

Team building!
Ice breakers!
Unlimited bad coffee!
Bland sandwiches!

Any interesting away day/conference anecdotes your end?

We played pictionary. What do you think the person was trying to draw here?

Had to go quad biking (:+1:) and paintballing (:-1:) on the same day once and I got a really bad bruise on one side of my torso. Goes without saying both activities brought the absolute worst of out people you already knew were bad.

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Oh wow…we sat in a function room of a cafe in Stratford

My bosses were younger than me sadly, and this was their frame of mind. Top drawer frittering, surprised it’s still going.


Mate I’d have taken pissy chips over the carrot and hummus wrap we had


Think it was the last one where I was asked to draw how I envisaged the team looking in the future and I thought I’d give everyone what they wanted and drew me as some sort of Jesus figure with long hair, answering everyone’s questions and an expert in everything as my faceless teammates crowded around me. Think people were disturbed and offended in equal measure.




Remembering fondly my previous job where our away day took place in our office.


We also had an exercise where we all got given seemingly unrelated pictures and had to describe them to each other and then find the common thread and put them in order and it turned out that it was one picture zoomed in further and further and further and the moral of the task was always look at the bigger picture omg ffs kill me


Do you work in a gallery

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We went to an escape room thing once and there was a big falling out in one of the rooms after it took the group over twenty minutes to do a nine-piece jigsaw puzzle of a zebra pattern.


the worst

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Tell me something interesting about yourself Icarus!



my work often makes us do ice breakers in training even when we’re training within our team and have all already worked together for 3 years


My colleague and I were late for one of ours that was scheduled at the swish new office building. When we got there we realised the building wasn’t even finished,exciting! we grew a little bit more sceptical when at the entrance we had to put plastic covers over our shoes at the site entrance and finally realised that we might have the wrong building when the security guard was all “I’m pretty sure it won’t be here…there is nothing in this building” and we were all “I’m pretty sure this is where they said to meet” and he exclaimed “there are no chairs in this building, there’s nothing!”
Alas, it was at the same acronym building across campus.


I’m going to tell you two true stories about away days and one false story about away days and you have to guess which one is FUCK OFF


Had so much of this btw and the room was so hot I thought my head might explode.

Away Day!

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we had one a while ago for everyone who got promoted to a particular level, and the moral I took away from it was “get promoted to the next level ASAP”. afternoon was terrible as we had to each think of a business idea in five minutes and then spent hours planning it out, and my idea was basically “build a website” because I cba.

at the end we all had to stand in a line at the end of the room, visualise our business idea being a success, and then take steps backwards across the room, each step visualising the steps we needed to get to our end goal and how it needed to progress until we were on the other side at the start. I spent the whole time thinking about what I’d have when I went to Nando’s that evening instead.