Awesome Slow Meandering Bullshit Songs


Spiritualized - Cop Shoot Cop


I cannot possibly contribute to this thread until you explain how you’re using “bullshit” here.


Oh, that’s easy. I’ve been drinking.


Like Slint. That’s what we’re going for, here.


Do you know to Waltz?


Extra points for the Drone Not Drones version




This is beautiful, cheers!

Who knew their bassist had such long fingers…


He does! And he’s really tall. Mrs CCB met him, and we both met Alan before their Norwich show. The bassist was “incredibly chirpy and friendly”; Alan was quieter but really friendly and talked with us for ages.


I’m all fucked up here, I forget, who’s the band with the college professors? Not Low, who is that…? (Lost 95% of my iTunes library, please forgive.)



I think someone from Matmos teaches Shakespeare somewhere.

Anyway, here’s my awesome slow meandering bullshit song pick: