Awkward/shitty/rubbish dates SSP?



Knock knock


Who’s there?


Indian Jones


Indian Jones who?


I’ve had one where two people he knew came up to us during the date (in London) and he told me he’d also shown friends my FB pic and they said I was pretty. Where’s the privacy?

More recently, when I had blue hair, he told me he told his friends he’s meeting someone with blue hair, and he noticed people stopping in front of us and taking photos intentionally /taking in the view with us in it. I tend not to notice that stuff.

Bitta discrepancy on a 1st date please.

Oh, the guy who - I was Parkinson, he was the guest, and somehow he told me his entire life history while asking very little about me. Went for a couple hours with me doing all the I want to leave body language cues, even asking to leave and it continued another 45 mins.

Another guy I meet three times. Waiting for the moves that never came. He messages me and says I don’t like him (I did) and he only kisses people if he thinks they are in a relationship.

I’d have more crazy stories but these are the ones who passed my stringent vetting procedure.




you were the dickhead all along :disappointed:


If ever a thread called for a and now she’s a lesbian then surely this is it


Read Steve Coogan’s autobiography recently.

‘Jane Hazlegrove was Ophelia. She was in Coronation Street while she was still in the sixth form and she’s been in Casualty for years now. I went out with her for a while. She’s a lesbian now.’


Of course I meant discretion there, and my phone balked at loading any pages for the last 20 mins so I couldn’t edit. >_<


^ and now she’s a lesbian


The fuck is this Indian Jones thing?


No idea. Dunno if dots has gone awol or if the joke is that there’s no punchline? Been on tenterhooks for a while now.


:D:D:D this guy sounds like a prize idiot


I had to google Medjool to get yours, tbf, so I’m probably just too dense to understand this one.


I’m kinda surprised by that, although you’d not eaten a snickers at the start of the year, so actually maybe not :wink:




I don’t like dates. I had no idea there were varieties even.


Oh I see. I thought we agreed to end all old forum joke references?


did we? I don’t get it either…but who cares!