Awoooooooo Monday (wolf moon edition)

Morning all

What’s the plan today? It’s blue Monday…are you blue?

My jaw hasn’t stopped aching for 24 hours now, what’s going on? Running out of painkillers.

Was meant to be having a breakfast catch up with a friend but they can’t make it anymore :pensive:

Morning Scout et al!

Happy Blue Monday! This is the point every year when I realise why I’ve been feeling lethargic and grumpier than usual.

Sorry to hear your friend isn’t coming for breakfast.

I’ve planned for minimal interaction with classes today and I’m playing football after work. If anyone sees me here between 4-5 tonight, tell me I should have left already.

I’m making a roasted salmon/ cauli tikka thing for tea. It was originally going to be served with naan but the impromptu chicken and flatbread yesterday means I’ll be making some Bombay style roast potatoes instead.


Morning Scout

I don’t know what colour you’d use to describe how I feel today but blue definitely doesn’t feel strong enough

Black maybe, with some flecks of oxblood


Hello Scout et al,

I’m at the airport !!! Got briefly stopped at security because they wanted, and I quote, to take a look at my book. Was sure it would be the knitting needles that did it, but :woman_shrugging:t3:

Staying in Tromsø (very far north, even for Norway) for a week for the film festival. Got a room upgrade yesterday :sunglasses:


I have to go to Gravesend for a meeting, after my youngest was up most of the night and I’ve had virtually no sleep. Gravesend. FFS.

Had a lovely time at Kew yesterday, though. The Hive is amazing:

I learned that Bees all buzz in the key of C, and it frazzled my brain a bit.


Morning Scout.

My parents are still here, so we got a lie in while they did As breakfast and morning play. Going to miss this tomorrow morning!

Blueness rating is a bit, depression back a bit but not too bad currently. Hoping for a slow day at work :slightly_smiling_face:

Woah! Just saw the moon on the school run and it’s looking pretty huge and sexy right now

Here’s a phone pic of the Wolf moon over Stockholm this morning, taken from my sick bed just now


That’s ace. I thought it was some weirdly positioned floodlight when I caught a glimpse as its so low and full.and bright. What a great gal


Morning. Not blue today, no siree. On the early today, so finish at 1.30. Off tomorrow, then only Wednesday to work before a 4 day weekend. So that’s something.

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Definitely feeling Blue Monday

Pretty tired today, not gonna lie. Had a perfect sleep til 4am and then a grizzly bear grizzling for a few hours after that.

Work work work.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Gonna fight the blues by taking a last minute day off work and then doing lots of chores and whatnot

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Have you read ‘Hunger’ by Knut Hamsen? I feel like he’s probably standard-issue Norwegian reading list Because I feel like this is a direct reference to a scene in that novel.

We’ve watched some Blue’s Clues but no Bluey this morning.

First day back at work after week and a half off :pensive:

The Bluest of all Mondays.

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I might try and eat more than a single clementine today

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No blues as my kitchen is finally getting redone!!! So excited!!!

Means I have to go to the office all this week and stay at my in laws around the corner but they’re chill so it should be okay and we’ll be very well fed :+1:t2: