Awoooooooo Monday (wolf moon edition)

Oh it’s very blue. Pulled my neck yesterday so can’t move it and covid wise I’m still sneezing constantly and the headache has returned. Both kids still off school as no sign of a negative test for anyone yet. The house is an absolute tip and I can’t even pop out for chocolate to ease the pain. As soon as everyone is back I am booking a day off to just sit in absolute silence for a little while.

ah yeah, tis ‘atol protected’ advert season after all


Going to London to then go to Swindon for my Grandad’s funeral. Can’t find what I wanted to wear for the funeral. Sake.

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there’s a she wolf in your closest
let her out so she can breathe

oh ffs

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Quite want this as my tagline.

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Hope it all goes as well as it can. :heart:


i wish it was ‘axolotl protected’


I did see one like that - I think they said it was newt for this year


Like you’ve got a little army of axolotl keeping your enemies away? Cause I want that.

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Actually before I hit like on this, it’s not from a comic strip is it?

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this song popped into my head the minute i read the thread title. so good work @Scout and @Funkhouser :slight_smile:
busy wee day ahead


I think

You better stay away from him, he’ll rip your lungs out Jim
Huh, I’d like to meet his tailor

is in my top 5 lyrics tbh.

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I’m not blue here, found out last night my brothers are taking me to Glasgow before I get married to see Partick Thistle and then go drinking afterwards!


love it.

also ‘little old lady got mutilated late last night’ rolls of the tongue so well. :slight_smile:

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will there be time for a KG Glasgow meat too :thinking:

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We might fit a quick one in, depending on the itinerary. Seeing Thistle and going to a gig on Saturday the 5th but the Friday looks free. If I can do it I’ll update everyone beforehand.

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Morning all.

Not really blue at all this morning. Helped by finally sitting down and working through our mortgage position yesterday ahead of coming to the end of our initial 2 year period. It’s quite healthy.

Lot on at work this morning though.

Smudge had a good bark at a skateboarder this morning at 7.15am. I’m sure our neighbours loved it. Then a cat jumped out of a bush and legged it across the road right next to him, so he had another good bark at that.

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had a indie football team reunion match yesterday followed by socialising with those people the rest of the day

feel like I was just a reanimated corpse for the social part. wish I’d left earlier but I just caved to the pressure of being there despite being a shell of a person (particularly socially)

people just kept buying me drinks, which should be a good thing, but I was just too weak to check out of it all

spent a lot of it later on with well-meaning people giving me pep talks and it was just a barrage

just wanted to get out of there and go home and hide in bed