Azealia Banks falling Irish people “inbred”

I’m so angry I could fuck my dad


Reckon it’s got to the stage where we should just completely ignore her tbh, she’s clearly a total gobshite.

Yeah came here to say this.

Think she’s actually a psychopath


I was at the Manchester gig and it was exceptional, honestly – totally surprised me. She’s a bit of a troll, and is an incredibly flawed/fascinating character, but she’s an amazing artist when she gets her shit together.

was she injured in the fall


I think she seems to have her problems.

What amazes me is that she functions enough to keep her career going. It must be exhausting to just fuck off everyone and burn every bridge you cross.

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Was all a bit mad, she got some pretty horrible racist/sexist comments in return too unfortunately

The famine comment is sort of incredible

Morrissey’s still doing fine.