B a n a l


I feel insane.


checks watch


i had a mc donalds for lunch and now feel like a sloppy meat sack


this new monkees album is all over the place, but hey, grace jones and danny brown are on it so its ok


playing with my new tablet

can’t figure out how to configure the buttons


Post/avatar interface


i’m very much looking forward to some beers, wine and weed later


i’m very much looking forward to some beers in TEN MINUTES


chuck them all in a blender with some kale and make a delicious smoothie. Gowon.


There are no buttons on a tablet dickhead. What you have is a “laptop”.


This shit is b-ananal


i’ve had a shit-fuck cold for the last week. like proper rough.

i feel a bit better today, well a lot better

the question is…



I had something banal to say. Forgot it.


christ, that is banal


+ boss is buying us drinks tonight :beers:
- boss (and colleagues) are still all busying around doing work and not going to the pub :eyes: :watch:


Read that as an ‘Em-See Donalds’ before my brain kicked in.


Gf just said she’s going to this bar opening thing and would I like to come? No, no I would not, because now I can get #somebeers and #thebiggestpizzatheysell and consume it all in my #pants.



…at home.


this shit is bananal

b a n a n a l


The answer to this question is never no tbh tbf…