just realised i haven’t been to the loo since arriving at work today at 9am. am i dying? got anything more banal than that to tell us?

any snacks planned this afternoon? just gonna be slyly helping myself to the sweet jar. had a rhubard and custard one that was nice, got a spearmint chew now.

3 hrs to go. sigh.

Think I’ve been once today… :thinking:

I’ve helped myself to some of the snacks in the “usual place” and I’ve got a cup of tea.

Loads of work to do but I just want to go home and nap.

Might have a wander down to the shop in a bit and see what goodies they got.

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I’ve just eaten an apple :green_apple: but I want some chocolate :chocolate_bar:

went for a wee first thing then that’s it from me… :confused:

no snacks here. was gonna nip to the shop… but I don’t have my wallet :confused:

only 50 minutes to go though. and then home via amazon locker to pick some stuff up.

what stuff?

Been about 4 times as I’m keeping the fluid intake HIGH. I bought some peppermint and licorice teabags, lemsip and ribena (for hot ribena) so I expect to be in ludicrous figures by the end of the day but warm drinks are keeping me going at the moment.

Eyelids feel very heavy today.

Had a banh mi for lunch and it’s sitting in my stomach/gut like a sleepy submarine

wtf is 5 all about?

haven’t had any water today. basically had 4 coffees and that can of drink (rhubarb). i live in a state of extreme dehydration.


I think I’ve been going for you. The toilets are really far away so I always hold off going until it’s pretty uncomfortable. LAZY.

Snacks? I brought grapes… I hate morning me “Future me will be glad I didn’t take lots of unhealthy snacks” :confused: Nope.

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classic @Tilly


some presents for the TVs birthday in a couple of weeks. Board game, CD, DVD & a book.


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you doing this on purpose…?

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After mentioning Gang Gang Dance in the forgotten musicians thread I’m just gonna rinse them for the afternoon.

I want some passion fruit, but I do not have any

this reminded me that dates are really nice. when was the last time you had a date? (fruit not social engagement)