Berocca pee.

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also on the go: coca cola zero cherry

not really doing it for me

Do you remember when McDonalds sold radioactive orange squash? It’s basically that.

A colleague in another office told me in the pub the other week that he’d only been to the loo in work twice since starting about a year ago.

Both for number ones, never a number two.

Does date nectar count? About 3 weeks ago (when I last had porridge)

never heard this. sounds heavy extravagant.

Feel bad for your porridge.

Was gonna say it’s not extravagant but it’s only listed at ocado/waitrose on mysupermarket so guess maybe it is.

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I remember when a branch manager of a local McDonalds used to give away radioactive orange squash to God-fearing teenagers by the carafe load, completely free of charge.

I’m in the library don’t know where the toilets are, can’t be bothered asking, can’t be bother wandering round until I find them…

I have been to the toilet twice today, once at home and once at work so far. But, I can see that total being increased before very long.

No snacks planned, although I have successfully fought the urge to get a Dairy Milk Daim choco bar to give me a sugar boost throughout the afternoon.

they’re down the stairs, across the lobby on the left


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Yes, to be frank this is pretty much the image I had in mind too.

Had a tin of Fanta over in Mexico that was pretty much glow in the dark when I decanted it into a glass. I’m guessing they can stick all sorts of colourings and what not in that are banned over here (for now).

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Rarely enter a banal thread. Are they all this exciting? I hope not. I’m currently eating my way through a whole packet of Oreos.

insert fat emoji

I am having my fourth tea of the day and have taken a piss three times I think.

Going to go to the post office and then the bank afterwards. Planning on cleaning the bathroom then. Super exciting day.

i’ve been for a wee now guys

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This is probably a bit to exciting for this thread but the wife keeps texting me about feeling a bit poorly and that she doesn’t really fancy what we had planned for dinner. That can mean only one thing:

Pizza for dinner!

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my name is stickboy and i’m here to say
i lurk in banal threads every day




is there a name for it when people say their Rs as Ws? you know, like jonathan woss et al