B.o.B crowd funding a satellite



We’re all investing right?

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He’s raised $1996 of the $1 million needed and a thousand bucks of that is his own money :joy:

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B.o.B is quite rich right? Unless he’s pissed it all away on flat earth bullshit

No idea who he is tbh

Why doesn’t he just buy the fucking satellite from Homebase or something


for who else is the first time you’ve seen B.o.B’s name in the last 5 years

In the words of Ms Crow:

No, we all heard about him last time he said the earth was flat for attention


would a weather balloon achieve the same thing?

Doesnt believe in round things


Would it not be cheaper to fund an expedition to the edge of the disc in Antarctica to see the NASA guards there?


Wow BoB wow

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i know no one really thinks the earth is flat and they’re just doing it for attention BUT pretending that he legit believes the world is flat for a minute, presumably he won’t trust the findings of this satellite when it comes back after confirming the earth is in fact round. he’ll pay for it (sort of) but he won’t have anything to do with flying it or landing it or getting the data or whatever so when it doesn’t confirm what he wants he’ll just continue believing whatever it is he wants.

no because this time he’s going to send a camera that doesn’t have a curved lens so that… hmm

Should someone tell him they are already loads od satellites and space stations up there and photographs of earth easily searchable on the internet?

Curved lenses doe

You can photoshop anything these days.

So all the satellites and the ISS and all in on the spherical globe conspiracy?