B Sides that should have made the Album

After the SFA thread, I listened to RATW and thought how I liked alot of the b sides better than tracks that made the album. So this thread is for b sides/ bonus tracks / off cuts ep tracks ,you would have put on an album and the song(s) you’d replace.

I’ll start:
IN: Happiness is a worn Pun/Edam Anchorman / Shit you do
OUT: Miniature , No Sympathy /Side walk Surfer Girl

Art Brut Brilliant Tragic
IN: Unprofessional Wrestling
OUT: Dog eared

FOTL How to stop your brain in an accident
IN: Bisexuality of Distance
OUT: Something Happened

The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

Rubber Ring

Frankly Mr Shankly
Vicar in a Tutu
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others


IN: Baby’s Arm on Belly’s Now They’ll Sleep single. Perhaps better than the A-side and would have made King an even better album if included.

OUT: Puberty


Favourite Worst Nightmare
Out: The Bad Thing

In: Plastic Tramp or Da Frame 2r take your pick.

Mogwai - Every Country’s Sun


Out: one of the boring ones - aka 47 or 1000 Foot Face or something like that




In: Prologue to History
Out: Any other song on that album (with the possible exception of Be Natural)

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Oasis - Be Here Now
In: Stay Young
Out: Magic Pie

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Prefer Magic Pie tbh

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This is really hard for The Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse, and Elliott Smith since their B-Sides are perfection but so are the albums. Starla would be the best song on Gish and The Last Song might be the single most perfect embodiment of Mellon Collie, but substituting them for anything would be jarring.

Taking into account flow / tone of the album, the best one I can come up with is

Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West
IN: Baby Blue Sedan
OUT: Out of Gas or Long Distance Drunk

Replacing the other of those two songs with pretty much anything off of Building Nothing Out of Something would make it a stronger collection of songs but hurt it as an album. Positive/Negative being the best song, A Life of Arctic Sounds being the best fit, and Grey Ice Water splitting the difference.


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Weezer Blue Album

In: Jamie
Out: Holiday


As far as I know they were outtakes rather than b-sides so this is cheating a bit, but if you replaced Dose of Thunder and Lay it Down Clown with Nowhere is my Home and the Tim version of Can’t Hardly Wait, Tim by the Replacements would be massively improved.

pulp - this is hardcore

cocaine socialism
like a friend

TV Movie
Seductive Barry


Wow okay.
How about in place of either Girl In The Dirty Shirt or It’s Getting Better (Man!)

If it counts

IN: The Bronze
OUT: You Would Know

Replacing their only bad song with a great one that fits the album.

If we’re talking Oasis, that Standing on the shoulder of giants album is pretty terrible, but had a couple of decentish b sides that I could never understand why they’d been left off. Let’s All Make Believe and As Long As They’ve Got Cigarettes in Hell, them are the ones. You can stick them on it in place of literally any two other songs, they’re better than anything on the album

Also if it counts

QOTSA - Lullabies to Paralyze
IN: The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died
OUT: Skin on Skin or You Got a Killer Scene There Man

The live version shows how great it could have been:

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perfectly acceptable as those are both shite, yes.

Didn’t someone nick the original version of The Fun Machine during a Desert Session of something?