B - Sides

No point really, as @tatesmithee has ruled that it can’t actually be a B-Side because it was subsequently on an album.

Apparently when the debut album was released, all the copies of the single magically wiped the B-Side blank. It now plays silence as far as I know.

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The early Suede B sides were as good as the singles and have become live staples, none more so than this, B side to We Are The Pigs


It’s regarded a “B-side” on Join the Dots despite being on both the UK and US versions of the debut (Three Imaginary Boys / Boys Don’t Cry), which I never understand… so the band themselves must regard it as a B side then, I might be wrong. But if a song is on the album… then surely it no longer can be considered a B side?

Basically ALL Bowie B sides in the 1970s were simply album tracks tacked on to sell the single… I wouldn’t consider Suffragette City, A New Career in a New Town or Word on a Wing B-sides.

V-2 Schneider came out a month before “Heroes” as the B-side to the lead single of the same name… does that make it a B-side?


Yes I see what you mean, it doesn’t really stop it being a B-Side and in this instance most people don’t think of the track in question a B-Side. In the instance when just that single was out, you would have said, damn the B-Side is decent, or something like that. I guess the album inclusions and the fact the track is so well known make it seem more, and it is, but it was a B-Side first. Doesn’t really matter though.

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I think what counts is how the song is first released. If it comes out as a B-Side it is always a B-Side even if it is subsequently also on an album. If a band recycles an old album track and puts it on the back of a single that might be different.



Great thread!

Big fan of the b-side. The Cure and Radiohead are the masters and Incesticide is easy my favourite Nirvana album by miles.

This and “Trenchfoot” should have been on the album



Savage :+1:

good cure track from cd single of The End Of The World

The influence of this on dance music…

Twilight Sad - In The Blackout (b-side to I Became A Prostitute)
Forget The Night Ahead is a cracking record, but I reckon you could sub this on and it would be a stronger album. The high points on the album are amazing (Neighbours can’t breathe, The Room), but I think this rivals them.

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So many great Sisters tracks on singles


Though they (Sisters) only released a few studio albums, all their early singles and EPs are chokka full of tunes. I was surprised on Spotify some new bits and bobs have turned up like Peel Sessions, Kid Jensen (remember him!) Session and ‘new for digital’ versions of old tracks. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet though.

Sounds like U2