Ba n al

what’s the most things you can see?

the most things i can see is binders. must be more than 50 of them on that shelf.

Chairs. Four.

got four chairs here too.

Sheets of paper. Fucking loads.

dvd’s probably. Though I want to say my extensive collection of ceramic tat because I’m very proud of it. I got one of these the other week -




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quarks ohoho

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hundreds of [redacted] documents

Mistle or song?

Shelving equipment.

T-minus 30mins.

Christmas cards. About 2000 of them.

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Alright, the CIA

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Alright, it’s not a competition.

why have you got so many phones LOL

If I turn my chair around I can see 11 massive skips.

No, they’re not prawn cocktail favour. No, I don’t know if saps has thrown up in any of them, stop bringing that up.

looks a bit like one of the things you use to keep the middle of a steak pie up

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think im going to go at three

Where to?