Ba nal thread

when was the last time you had a pot noodle

Ten years ago?



have to go out to buy some bin bags so might pick one up

i can’t recall.
i’m so tried

Probably nail one every six months.

so have a little rest and try again


Is it fair to say that risotto is just like the middle class equivalent of a Pot Noodle?

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picture you as an original curry sort of guy… ?

depends what you eat it out of i guess

Imagine that, you see someone busting out a Pot Noodle at lunch and then it’s just a Pot Noodle pot filled with risotto

Yeah that or a BBB

About 2 or 3 times a year - and each one is a delight!

Years ago, but I’ve been eating quite a lot of the Soba noodles in a pot recently. I like the teriyaki one best.

just added the word “datacentre” to my dictionary on chrome as I’m using it a lot in this document. don’t think I’ve done that before.

when’s the last time you’ve ‘added something to dictionary’?

did pot noodle once make a pot rice or have i dreamt that?

That’s two words, YS C!

what centre are we going to
datacentre over there


Only in Belgium, iirc.

when shall we centre?
that’s a good datacentre