“I thought I was rid of you!”

Once you’ve faked an assassination, it’s impossible to actually be assassinated. It’s like having measles.


Presumably they just assumed that once he’d been assassinated the real assassin would just decide to do a bit of sightseeing and then hop on the plane home.

I haven’t read this yet but I’m looking forward to finding out how this meant that the would-be assasins revealed themselves.

wait did his wife know or not?

Babchenko said that his wife Olga and his children had been aware of the plan but he publicly apologised to her at the press conference. “I am terribly sorry,” he said, “but there were no other options.”

this is going to be a film isn’t it (dir. ben affleck, 2021)

If he’s up to faking he death how can we trust his reappearance, I ask you?

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Equally, old Vlad doesn’t want to be implicated in Ronald’s illegal budgie scam

Babchenko is my king of 2018.

He’ll still get popped, just won’t be a good old-fashioned sniper. He’ll have a sudden heart-attack or an unfortunate flying lesson. Not sure i prescribe to the logic that publically embarrassing Putin and threatening to dance on his grave reduces his likelihood of an early death.


Bit of David gest-esque fate tempting. Except instead of fate it’s a superpower

The would be assassin went “Dangnabbit!” threw his hat on the ground and started jumping on it.

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yeah i dont get the logic at all. two days after your “death” going lol not really!!! and then what, your assassin is like oh man you got me good, ill leave it