Babies - What do you make of 'em?

You a baby fan? Did you watch that programme the other night about babies where they made 'em wear electric hats and told them not to touch a thing? Known any recent babies?

Loads of friends have had babies this year. Still don’t ever want one, but it’s been nice hanging out with some top babies.


Two of my friends have had babies in the last two months and another baby is coming out next year, I’m thrilled about all these new babies. I do want a baby or two eventually in my life but not yet.

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it is weird when people you know have babies and you can see their faces in their faces


It’s nice though eh

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congratulations, tone.


not sure

I don’t have any babies on the way personally.

My sisters baby looks so much like me that it’s like I’m having an out of body experience when I look at him. Last time I met him I played him Aphex Twin and he’d stop crying.


What did he start doing instead?

My baby is 1 today. Off to a baby party in a bit.
Lost my shit watching that programme when at the end some woman when asked about why babies don’t see gender roles as much (from a sample size of about 4) said “because now they have access to things like the internet and that” a fucking baby mate! The programme is about babies!


Toddlers > babies, imho.

Toddlers are great fun. Babies don’t really do anything apart from sleep, poo and cry.


Babies - What do you make of ‘em?

I could make a hat, or a broach, or a pterodactyl…


Happy birthday to your baby!

(I thought the same about that lady on that programme but I really liked the programme itself)

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tried eating my phone


I was talking about Airplane! at lunch today

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Dropped some acid and threw some shapes

Yeah, I think I’d broadly agree with you here Marcus, I think babies are great also though. I think the bit before they start walking around and that is one of the most fun bits and I like it when they’re taking on loads of nutrients but not moving around so they get all chubby and adorable.


I like it when babies put their entire hands in their mouths sometimes


I think they’re neat

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