Baby Bird gigs!

Can’t find the old post about him and how great it would be if he ever played again, so gotta start a new one…

Tickets up on See now, 14 and 15 December at St Pancras church thingy

Very excited to see the old fella again after all this time…

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I wonder what he’ll play? Just Babybird songs or any of the millions of other songs he has also made?
Quite excited anyhow. I have my work xmas shindig on the Friday, so that solves the dilemma of whether I go to see him once or twice.
I’d frankly just be super happy if he played all of There’s Something Going On…

Holy fucking shit. Been waiting for this forever. Shit shit shit. Right. Let’s see and book time off

Much as I’ve liked his studio stuff his live shows were pretty rubbish. (Although I haven’t seen him since before you’re gorgeous was released). Did he sort out his stage show?

Videos on YouTube suggest fuck yes

Can’t wait for this. I was running his fan page on Facebook but I deleted my main account and lost access.

Huge huge fan of those first 3 records and the lofi 5

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I’d hope he keeps it Baby Bird but even then he’s released loads under that name I haven’t kept up with. First time I saw him was in lofi album period (at Dingwalls) and last was (I think) ex-maniac times in Hoxton, with lots inbetween in more popular times, so I’m interested what he’ll do - but more than that just to see him on stage again will be ace. Taking a mate who only grew to love him within the last 5 years (after my badgering) so it’s gonna be a great night all round whatever happens, I reckon.

I saw him in 2010 at The Dublin Castle as part of Camden Crawl and he was superb :+1:

Then immedeiately went acroos the road to see Stereo MCs at Electric Ballroom who were also brilliant :smiley:

Hope he does dead bird sings and 45 and fat

So. Last night at the St Pancras church was the best gig I’ve been to since I was a teenager in terms of sheer joy, excitement , and general feeling of 'holy shit this is happening and it’s perfect ’ in the crowd.

Incredible performance, great setlist. I’m genuinely sad it may be the last time we see him perform. One of the best songwriters alive.

Was also nice to spot Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse in there

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just bought the newly released Babybird KONpilation album and the Stephen Jones Christmas album, and quite enjoying them both.
I think there will be more gigs in May apparently, so that will be good - would definitely be up for seeing him again.

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He’s just said he’ll play in Sheffield in May in reply to my mate’s tweet - so looking good - yeeeahhhhh

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KONpilation is mint.


I’m one of those folk who was of the perfect age not to have been aware of Babybird prior to You’re Gorgeous, and then irritated like fuck by its permanent rotation on the radio during the mid-90s. Hence, it never crossed my mind to investigate them further.

However, Stephen Jones seems to get quite a few shout-outs from artists I like. What’s a good taster of his work? His Bandcamp page is crazy busy.


Start with ‘There’s Something Going On’.

and then ‘Ugly Beautiful’. And then get the Lo-Fi boxset.

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Summary: I’d try “There’s Something Going On” - reasoning below:


Well we’ve got three “phases”…

Pre-signing/You’re Gorgeous days:

He did 6 “lo fi” albums (all of which are great - I discovered him on the second and amazingly managed to pick up the first one in France when inter railing… all v limited editions… sigh happy days). There was a boxset of them at some point you can probably still pick up - there’s a comp chosen by him here -

Label days

It’s probably generally accepted the “classic” from this period is There’s Something Going On (the album after the one with You’re Gorgeous on it)

There’s also a best of from those days floating about (WITH you’re gorgeous on it!)

Bandcamp days

I suggest Kon2 (more indicative of his later label stuff) or People Do Stupid Things

TL;DR soz - there’s a lot out there and I haven’t included any of his non-Babybird stuff

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Ha! Rather more succinct than mine but same conclusion!

I have two CD copies of the Lo-Fi boxset kicking about. Anybody want to buy one of them off me for considerably less than they go for online?

Also, Ugly Beautiful which was the first label LP is kinda a mix of studio versions of old lo-fi tracks and new stuff. It’s a bit bloated, and some of the production has aged badly while other parts oddly sound ahead of its time. I love it though. Even ur gorgussss.

45 and Fat is amazing. As is Dead Bird Sings. And July. And Atomic Soda.

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I really like Bugged and Ex-Maniac too. But never got on with that Pleasures of Self Destruction one. Which is odd, as that was probably the first thing I properly heard by him.