Baby Driver

Anyone seen it?

It’s a bit like if The Avalanches made a movie. (I enjoyed)

I thought the critical response was baffling. Enjoyable waste of a couple of hours but with some really cringey moments. Expected the soundtrack to be more interesting too.



Drive had a lot of the same issues but was a much better film imo

Good, not amazing. Made me laugh a few times Mike Myers, Tequila, Monsters Inc, which is always good.

Hope it does well anyway, need more original films to be successes.

I fucking hate Drive. This was less objectionable but similarly style over substancey


The lead actor in drive is a much better and less annoying actor than the lead actor in this (drive is an official aggpass 7/10 btw (maybe a 6.5))

Poster looks great, trailer looks shite, no chance.

Thought Drive was offensively gratuitous and misogynistic tbh, found it very unpleasant to watch frankly. The fact that Gosling is generally good didn’t change that for me.


yeah put my thoughts in the film thread

Drive is better but theyre not really that comparable, completely different tone/story

it’s a 7/10. enjoyable as an old school action vehicle, the music gimmick is annoying

I’d say two style-over-substance violent action films based on a quiet getaway drivers trying to deal with the clash of organised crime and his new romance, with a high dependance on their soundtrack are pretty fair game for comparison, even though the tones in the second halves are very different


Well I really liked it.

Exactly this. Given how appallingly bad the trailer is, it’d need solid 10/10 reviews for me to give it a chance.

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Hold me closer, Baby Driver

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It pretty much has

(maybe not all full marks but overwhelmingly positive)

I agree with @anon5266188. Glad my ticket was paid for tbh. Really love the poster tho!


it’s the same as every other film trailer.

Thought it got better as it went, in particular the big action scene at the end of the second act was breathtaking, all the on-foot action being equally, if not more exciting than the car chases. Very, very bloke-y, but then so we’re the Cornetto films in retrospect.

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I thought it was fun, if very slight. Some good lines, good chases etc.

I liked the first two thirds better than the last - I bought into the whole ‘series of music videos’ thing and it worked well. The ending got a bit too messy for me.

There were a couple of annoying points (eg why speed off if you’ve just got in a new car? - drive slowly and you’ll cruise right past the police, plus why go through with the final job after the fuck up with the weapons?), but the momentum and breeziness of the acting carried it through.

He didnt go through with the final job?