Baby Showers

I’ve been invited to one tomorrow. Never been to one before. Already got gifts, as I bought a joke gift, but then they also have a gift registry, so I bought something from there too.
I thought baby showers were something that only happened in films? Or at least on in the magical land of the USA. Any other UK people been to baby showers? What to expect?

Mrs HYG had one, but then again she’s American.

But some of her (non American) friends have also had them.

Just a nice excuse for a party really, gets together a lot of different people (friends, relatives etc) who might not usually meet. Obviously no one should have the expectation of gifts, but people tend to buy you gifts when you have a kid, I don’t think there’s much harm in formalising it so you don’t end up with six baby monitors or something.

I think it would be better if the baby was there when you had them

Nah babies are total downers at parties, literal party poopers.


I am fond of babies

They’re alright.

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Yeah, I don’t begrudge them the list. Makes sense.
Like you say, instead of ending up with six baby monitors or 20 teddy bears, why not ask for the stuff you actually need?

All of my wife’s friends clubbed together to buy us a Finnish baby box, was really great.

Get em a toaster, babies fucking love toast


Awww, this looks like a great idea. I wish I’d known about this earlier.

Toast for teething?
Sounds about right.

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I think in Scotland they’re now given out to all new mums? Not sure.

I don’t like the idea of them at all. My stepmum tried to arrange one for my wife, and she turned it down which caused a bit of a row. Just wait til the baby is safely out, then get together and have a bit piss up.

My partner was thrown one as a surprise. Basically entailed some tea and cake with her mum, my mum, her sister and my sister, and some thoughtful gifts from them all. She enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t have liked it it all her mates were there, but she doesn’t like being the center of attention at the best of times.

drip drip drop little baby showers

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Shower of babies

Bit of a waste of money IMHO. They can only use them for a bit. Just move the normal shower lower

someone give me loads of presents

What would you like?

quality furniture and gadgets