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I drink it down slow slow


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This thread has jogged a painful memory

Cham baby for my real friends

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So, when I was a schoolboy in Somerset I was a winger in our school rugby team.

One of our regular competitors was Whitstone school which was in the town of Shepton Mallet, more specifically it was right next to the Babycham factory (Showerings cider mill to give it it’s proper name)

The rugby pitch actually went right up to the chainlink fence that formed the perimeter between the sports field & the factory … directly on the other side was a massive big babycham bambi or whatever it is

Anyway, one freezing cold November evening when I was 14 or 15 we humiliated their school team on the pitch (36-0 or something) and they decided to take revenge with their fists after the match. Their team & a bunch of spectators cornered us against the fence & started windmilling and laying the boot in until the gym teachers ran over & intervened …and all I could remember of this chaotic melée was lying under a pile of muddy, sweaty bodies looking up at this clown