Babylon - A thread that spoils this film (mainly so I can ask Mert some things)

100% 100 fucking percent.

I think it’s deeply flawed in so many ways but on a technical level it is astonishing throughout.

I think he thinks that he’s just directed the last film ever made in history so he’s probably fine with that


I have come to the gripping conclusion that I cannot be fucked to spend 3 hours in the cinema holding my pee in for this.

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Seeing this tomorrow. Hyped to add to these rankings:

Whiplash - Incredible
La La Land - Really not good at all
First Man - Very Good
The Eddy - Doesn’t exist
Babylon - ???


When is a good time to wee during this?

Before and directly after

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Left a film at the cinema to pee:

  • Yes
  • No

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Never done this. Had a true test yesterday watching a 4 hour film and passed with flying colours. Easy stuff.

I wee in every film basically

only once or twice when it has been unavoidable, but i have a big ass bladder (BAB) so aslong as I go before it starts i’m generally fine

Hate doing it, its why I’ll never have beer or fizzy drinks in a film. Really needed one during Boat That Rocked but thought the film was near the end so I’d hold it in. Went on for another hour or so

CBA with this today might see Plane instead

Walked out after half an hour, was so out of focus in the screening (after I’d asked the staff if it could be fixed at the start) and it was bugging me so much. Please tell me that was shitty Odeon projection not the film?

Was quite out of focus in my screening too but I assumed it was the crappy cinema I was in

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  • The film is out of focus
  • Shit cinema

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

I saw this today and the film was in focus and I had a good time.


Enjoyed how meta the casting was in this. Pitt a past it film star! Tobey Maguire a total creep! Samara Weaving looking identical to Margot Robbie. Chazelle you rascal!


I did not like the main piano theme and it distracted me every time it played. Not a patch on City of Stars. The pumping jazz one is stuck in my head now though.

Same. It has genuinely been hindering my sleep…

Fuck me spent absolutely ages wondering who the German director was and its Spike fucking Jonze??!!