Back in the GMT Evening Thread

xylo has influenced me into watching the new series of narcos so I’m going to do that and eat some pasta.

Just got back from work 20 mins ago and am now in the bath with a glass of wine.

Making a chicken thing with mash once I’m out.

I maded some Spag Bol and am now on my bed chilling. Bath, reading, bed. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Can’t believe I wasted 5 seconds answering that.

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Just had my falfafel.

Need to have a flick through some work stuff to help someone tomorrow.

Then I’ll read. Dunno whether to have a gin.

How many are you down from? I had a holiday where I actually ended up mainly in hospital m/unwell recently and came back to over 1500 and I’m still trying to get through them all. :confused:

Out to play footy tonight. Work is going off though to imagine I’ll be doing a late one thanks to US colleagues

I worked myself up into an anxiety stupor over a conversation I had to have with someone this evening that I had prepared myself for the total worst case scenarios and it was the polar opposite and really nice and positive so now I feel fucking stupid!

Also my gym class was cancelled when I was 2 mins round the corner from it so now I’m going to another gym


jesus pal, i was really rude there. thanks pal

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Yeah that’s the first step I need to do. Got rid of alll marketing and salesy ones which was already like 200 tbf.

Just overwhelming whenits that many. And also makes me like ‘well if it’s mportant they’ll follow up’

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Hi all.
Just finished an eleven hour work day BUT I’m now on holiday for 2 weeks.
And I’m eating a Galaxy caramel.
And I’m having chicken Kiev’s for dinner later.

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Permission to start an #ovenlife thread tomorrow?


Had a long, hard day of doing nothing at all.

Had jerk chicken, coconut rice and peas and callaloo for dinner.

Got 3 tins of Red Stripe left to drink and a bag of Yorkie buttons to see me through to bed time.

Evening :first_quarter_moon_with_face::star: Went gym and just made harissa roast veg with baked tofu, pearl barley and coconut yoghurt. Pretty delicious for a random mismatch Monday night dinner tbh. Gonna read for a bit and try to do a lot of sleeping tonight.


Got home, made tea, got moaned at as apparently 7pm is too late to be eating.


Marc Riley just read out a story about someone falling off their bike into a canal.


By a child or an adult?

Permission granted

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Children were just slightly teary and tired at being asked what they wanted.

Really just annoyed at generally getting home 2 hours after everyone else to them all laying about moaning and asking what’s for dinner.

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