Back (new Mitchell and Webb sitcom)

Trailers look pretty… average. I just feel like it’s going to be impossible to watch without thinking of their Peep Show characters?

Though I just found out Matthew Holness is in it so I will give it a try.

matt holness should have been a much bigger deal tbh


Yeah, he’s not in the ads - I didn’t realise until I read something in the Guardian.

I think he means in general.


i wonder what he’s done for money since garth marenghi. just had the odd bit part here and there hasn’t he.

god i love garth marenghi.


was this any good?

Not particularly. The bit about “The Cloud” was straight out of Peep Show.

In a word, not really.

Didnt watch it but nah


I think he’s written/made a few pastiches that haven’t really been marketed much. From what I gather, they weren’t particularly focused on being funny.

It does seem like he’s pulled back from the limelight a little (not that he was ever really in it). I’ve not heard much talk of live performances…which is where Garth marenghi first started.

Actually looks like he’s been pretty busy:

Made one horror film, with another on the way alongside a comedy/horror TV series as well (for a company called Guilty Party, so I’m not sure where it’d end up). Good stuff.

ah. apparently he’s a short story writer too. might have to track them down.

Not just a short story writer, he’s a dreamweaver, visionary, plus actor.



This is quite a funny take. Would have been better though if Webb hadn’t been everywhere recently promoting his widely-acclaimed book (and lets not forget Mitchell’s autobiography sank without trace).

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Imagine wanting to read about David Mitchell’s life.


I read it :sweat_smile:

I actually found it quite enjoyable because it was very relatable (up until he becomes a successful comedian) but by his own admission it’s quite boring.

I’ve still got Matt Cardle’s autobiography next to the bed to get through before I can even think about moving on to Mitchell.


I suppose certain people, naming no names, might want to read about shagging Victoria Coren, but I bet he just skims over that stuff, before moving onto ten pages on his favourite stamps.