Back on schedule Tuesday evening thread

Dinner done. Homemade gousto korma with spinach rice. Was alright.

Gonna usher the bairns to bed in an hour or so and then hopefully get five miles on the clock.

Anyone else got as exciting a night as mine planned???

17:59 :rotating_light:

Scotland runs a minute fast.

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Evening begins at

  • 3pm
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  • 5pm
  • 6pm

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i rate today’s irkage level at around 73%, pretty decent. think it’s crab linguine for tea but i’m pretty into actually. crab is nice innit.

no plans after about 7:30pm. might read an absolutely shite book i bought.

Beef pie, chips and beans for dinner. Yum.

No plans for tonight, but Jimbo has got a new nightlight, so I’m hoping for a nice easy bedtime, freeing up the rest of the night for … who knows

Good evening

Treated myself to some clean pajamas this evening, feeling cosy and fresh.

Got a hellofresh free trial sea bass dinner coming up but wishing it was pizza tbh.

Dunno what to do this evening.

  • Play a game
  • Watch something good

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Watching the footy

Cleo came back from the vet with the all clear, and her suspected heart condition isn’t a thing. :heart_eyes_cat:

Tomorrow is my Friday.


Pizza ordered.

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Just had a shower. Evening showers are actually excellent.
Listening to some Nicholas Brittel soundtracks.
No plans. Maybe a new Fargo later.
Think I might have hash browns and beans for dinner. Fuck it :metal: :metal:

Got to work most of the night but going to fit in some yoga as long as my boss doesn’t keep me on the phone until 11 like she usually does.

No dinner (I don’t eat past 3) but do quite fancy some noodles.

Evening all :wave:

Just played Scrabble against a (possible) (former) DiSer!


(I’m not sure if it was him - I didn’t have the courage to ask).

Dinner was a Jack Monroe pasta genovese. Got a Foodbank meeting coming up, just to extend my time in front of my laptop even further :+1:


irritating day at work. might meet a friend later for a couple of vinos and a good old vent. that being said got a sharp start in the morn so canny overindulge (is overindulge one word, looks strange…might be the first time i’ve ever written/typed it down :thinking:)



please read/share anywhere you think relevant my colleague’s excellent article about Chinese students’ mental health, it’s basically not something I’ve seen covered before in the sector and it’s more widely relevant beyond just students. am doing a big Mental Health Awareness Week push at work and im steamrolled by this week, would v much appreciate some clicks xxx

How to support Chinese students' mental health



I’ve gone full bin weirdo.
It’s her downstairs’ boyfriend that’s done it. Watched him earlier take two bags and box of recycling out, knowing full well it’s collection day tomorrow, and I just stormed out and took them out myself. I don’t even want them to help now. Genuinely. I’ll just do it, seeing as they aren’t willing or capable. They’ve also gotten into this stunning habit of leaving the gate open when they leave their flat, so it just bang bang bangs in the wind.
Honestly, it’s at the stage now that if she messaged me and was like “sorry! I’ll do them next week!” I’d say “no thank you, you’ll only do them WRONG, just let me do it.”
I might even sell my flat and order a big skip and park it in the courtyard and get some tarp as roof and live in there to make my bin duties easier. Every time someone comes out I’ll say “ooooh, leave the bag there and throw me some scraps for my efforts and I’ll make sure your refuse is properly dealt with guv’nor!”


Yeyyyy! This is great news! I hope Cleo gets lots of cuddles and treats!

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Urghhghgg so jealous