Back pain help/support thread


Just had to lie down on my office floor for 15 minutes to try and straighten my back out :frowning:

Getting pain more frequently these days. My posture is appalling and I guess riding a bike doesn’t help.

Time to take action!

But what action? Go to a doctor as a starter, I guess.

Anyone else got back troubles?


Go to a doctor warno, that doesn’t sound good at all. Get doing some yoga / pilots too.


Go to a doctor.


Getting a pillow like this helped me enormously



*waves *

My back is now a lot better than it used to be, but my posture is still not great.

I used to get backache a lot, and then I got a trapped nerve which caused my leg to flush hot and cold and get pins and needles.

Since then, I’ve made an effort to wear my bag properly across both shoulders, to stretch after a run, and to swim when I can. All of these have made a difference, but there’s more I can do.

I need to start doing pilates a couple of times a week, but it’s very hard to find a class and the time to fit it in. I may have to resort to youtube videos, even though that’s not ideal.


Your first port of call should be your GP, and they will hopefully refer you to a physio. If not, you may need to go to a physio yourself.


What kind is that?

I slept in a different bed last night which I think is the main cause of today’s issues.


Can’t imagine eating that would help

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Search for contour memory foam pillows. There are loads out there at various different prices.

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I used to have a big muscle friend who’d pull me up onto his back and bounce me like a baby and everything would feel better but now he’s moved away.


wish I had a big muscle friend :frowning:


Oh man my back got completely ruined by sleeping in a different bed.

Physio definitely helped, I reallly should keep up the exercises they taught me though to prevent reoccurrence.

How come adult male human backs are so flimsy?


I tried with someone else who’s really muscly but I think height’s a factor too and he wasn’t a good match. Hope you find your perfect muscle match.


I’ve already got two different types of physio I’m meant to be doing (and often do, honest), for rotator cuff recovery and hip pain.

Seemingly have the body of a 70 yo already.

But hairier.


I ‘did’ my lower back playing badminton about 25 years ago which led to years of problems. But I think I’ve solved it by doing 10 mins of stretching and abdominal strengthening when I get up in the morning. Not had a back-related problem for the past 10 years or so.


Have you had sciatica before?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t know, how painful is it? (sounds v painful tbf, but maybe I could have had it and not got it diagnosed)


Tbh I would bypass the GP and go straight to physio. Its what your GP wil say anyway


I can send you my collection of Osteopaths Monthly? I have a lot of back issues.


Isn’t it easier to access physio with a referral?