Back to Life


Did anyone else watch this? I thought it was really good - beautifully shot, great character actors, lots of nice touches. The parents were great, and the slow burn reveal of what happened was smartly done.

I have one big issue though:

So, Miri was in prison for 18 years. How did she end up with that sentence? She pushed her friend in self-defence which ended up killing her, which is a clear case of manslaughter rather than murder. Given that she was a teenager at the time, and she presumably was well-behaved in prison, 18 years is a ludicrously long sentence. I’m not saying it spoilt the show for me… but I’m a bit irked.

Loved it. Agree on all points but liked it so much i out the 18yrs thing to the back of my mind so as not to spoil it. Hoping maybe there is more to the story to back that up. I thought Daisy Haggard was a revelation. Her husband did the music too

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Thank you for saving this thread! I didn’t know that about the music, but it was great - and I loved the shipping forecast as well, was very atmospheric.

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Watched this at the weekend - lovely stuff. Daisy Haggard has been great in everything I’ve seen her in (this, Episodes, Uncle) so I hope she gets to do more stuff. The supporting cast are all top notch too - her parents obviously steal most scenes, but I also like her mate using her status as a headmistress both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Great setting too - I love that part of the country, and it is certainly inward looking enough for crazy small town views like the ones in the show to actually exist. For anyone interested in the sound mirror that they use so extensively, there was a wildly successful thread on them earlier this year…

Regarding this…

…the girl’s dad was a policeman right? Presume that might be the between the lines reasoning for why she did so much time?


So yeah, at first I thought, well she killed a cop’s kid, maybe they went to town on punishing her, BUT, as you discover, the cop was having an affair with her teenaged friend - it would very much be in his interest to stay as far away from the case as possible lest it all come out.

Don’t they also say at one point that he moved away? He’s not really in the story, plus it also explains why her headmistress friend ignored her for all the years she was in prison?

I watched one and a half episodes.

I’d have liked it a lot more if the writer(s) had held back on the “comedy”.

It’s a really interesting premise but I found the constant attempts at humour really off-putting. Almost none of the jokes or humorous asides landed for me and that kind of thing wears me down.

Yeah the headmistress was riddled with guilt so kept away from her.