Back To The Future



Can understand why children in the 80s would have liked it but it isn’t very good really

Never seen it.

Best 80s film of its type:

  • The Goonies
  • Back to the Future
  • ET
  • Breakfast Club
  • Ferris Bueller
  • Ghostbusters
  • Indiana Jones

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Also I just picked those films off the top of my head so don’t get hissy.

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its When Harry Met Sally


It would be the best film in that list by far but it doesn’t belong in that list at all


Not sure breakfast club fits into the type, given how sweary it is. Its better than the other films on that list I’ve seen though (would have voted for stand by me if it was there)

Ah yeah, if I’d thought about it for longer Stand By Me would’ve been on there.

I’ve not seen 16 candles or St. Elmos fire. They any good?

nah (not seen either)

Best film trilogy ever (tied with Toy Story, until Toy Story 4 comes along to possibly ruin things anyway)


It’s obviously this m7

was about to say this was a ridiculous statement but then I realised there aren’t really any good film trilogies so maybe it’s not so crazy

There are only 2 back to the future films and nobody’s seen the second one

How much is a double room with breakfast?


Back to the Future’s a great film.
Back to the Future 2’s very good.
Back to the Future 3’s dreadful.

Exactly the same for Jaws. At some point they’ll make BttF4, which like Jaws 4 peoole will only see if they’re too pissed to go to bed.

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This has absolutely done me

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This poll is showing what terrible taste DiSers have more than any other.

But none of these films are the same type!