Back To The Future

This has absolutely done me

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This poll is showing what terrible taste DiSers have more than any other.

But none of these films are the same type!


I thought Back to the Future was alright when I was 9 but never considered it a classic, rewatched it or bothered with the sequels. Same for Indiana Jones.

Classic films of the 80s?

Where’s Gremlins/Gremlins 2?

Indiana Jones is the best film out of these, I don’t think it’s more representatively 80s than some of the others though.

I think BTTF is a good film, it has a high concept and is enthusiastically executed, good cast, broadly comic, nice set pieces. The second one is a retread that feels like they were trying to recapture what they had but it felt tired instead. Then the third is better, because they commit to the ludicrous concept and really run with it.

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You gotta put em in yr ass morty

I like the second one. It suffered on release because it basically trampled all over the first one but 2 and 3 are really one story (I read recently that originally they were going to be one film not two) and once you see both it makes more sense

I loved all three BTTF films as a kid and I still love them now as an adult. Watching them over the holidays with my kids was great fun.


Well all agree that Ghostbusters is the most overrated right?

I mean it’s a decent film, mildly amusing, some iconic scenes etc. But it’s not THAT good.

Never seen it

Ghostbusters is also an absolute joy of a film. Funny, scary in places (for my kids anyway) but in a fun way. Great characters.

There’s a lot of joylessness in this thread. I get that not everyone likes the same things but it smacks of point collection in places to me: it’s ok to enjoy big popular things if they’re great!


No joylessness from me. Perhaps it’s just a condition of knowing who I know - there seems to be a reverence for Ghostbusters which I don’t think is justified and I was disappointed when I finally watched it when I was about 25. I didn’t watch many films as a kid and I’ve discovered most 80s films (shall we say) as an adult - I didn’t have the same disappointment at watching Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club and Gremlins, to name but 3, for the first time in my late 20s. I loved them all.

I’d also say that if you put a gun to my head and made me craft a list of my top 10 favourite films of all time I’d have a hard time not putting When Harry Met Sally and Stand By Me in there.

top 3 films ever:

Small Soldiers
Space Jam

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Think it’s just the big 80s production/feel that grates with me. May just be an age thing, most of the 90s equivalents I really enjoy

Goonies is one I watched for the first time recently and thought was terrible

Also similarly to @Geoff saw stand by me, breakfast club and Indiana Jones for the first time as an adult and liked all of them (Bueller is a hateful turd of a film though)

Anyone want to defend weird science. Lasted maybe half an hour of it. Dreadful