Back to work Tuesday


Can’t get out of bed. This is awful.



I’m sick
Called in sick
not leaving bed, its not much of a victory tbh I’ve felt ill all weekend


Been up since half six, just off to scrape the car and then drag kids out of bed.



Kill me now


Slept like absolute toilet last night. Didn’t even have the fear (much).

To get through the day, let’s remind each other of funny things we might have forgotten about. I’ll go first: that Gregg Wallace “Mastertwat” tweet.


I’m going to have to de-ice the car, aren’t I? Fuck off Tuesday.


scotland gets an extra day off because we’re awesome.



Oh go print off your certificate from Hayes. Prick.


I don’t have a printer at home. need to wait until I’m back at work.


Not back in until Thursday. Trying to get my sleep pattern back to something approaching normal though.

I never do the first day back in after Christmas. Other people can get the office heating back on and deal with any IT nonsense that may have cropped up.


Feeling pretty ill. Today is going to be shite.


Never thought id say this but good god i hope someone calls with a job today/this week coz i am broooooooke



Had quite a nice weekend thanks.

Bit icy today so leaving the :bike: at home aren’t I.

Gonna go to the Barb Library at lunch :ok_hand: :books:


Waiting in for the new tv and trying not to cry about how behind I am with work.


Also feeling smug af cos I was at work for two days last week so today feels fine really, not even doing enquiries today so that’s good :muscle:



When the tv arrives I’m sure I’ll be fine :kissing:


Predictably slept quite badly last night (after falling asleep in my chair at 8pm for a couple of hours). Urgh.

I’m going to try and be positive today though. I can do this.