Back4blood multiplayer thread

So the spiritual successor of Left4dead is finally out and thought it’d be good to post our assigned crossplay
names here


Haven’t played through the tutorial yet and never played L4D so I look forward to stinking up your groups and generally being an absolute liability


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left4deads are my most hours played on steam but i think i could only play this on my playstation. old laptop

All platforms can play with each other

Enjoying it so far. Plays how I’d hope. Not sure about the card system and the atmosphere doesn’t quite seem honed on but otherwise I really like this game

oh nice. i might give it a go

Also like that you can set your game as friend only but they can join in at any point peeps hopping and out seamlessly. Even in the main hub

When they work properly and the ogre doesn’t glitch out and animates properly and interacts with the scenery properly. Those ogre fights are pretty fucking awesome

Legit terrifying when he’s on top of you

So ended up playing quite a lot of this last week and it deffo gets more fun when you’re finally in a position to make decks that can give you builds - got a rather spiffing support/healer deck on hand now meaning ended up in the last game with 3 healing kit slots + able to bandage every member of the team once per level + heal entire team when someone gets downed + all healing is +60% more effective + all heals heals the person for an additonal 20 every round.

The problem is the idiots in rando match making just fucking charge ahead and dont realise I’m keeping them alive and as my build is very much team firs the moment I get left alone and die everyone drops immediatly because they think they’re hot shit carries .