Bacon sandwich

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Generally a bit of ketchup and a dash of Encona hot pepper.


what thing is this?

I don’t like doing it but grilled streaky bacon is amazing

Aye but is it amazing enough to justify putting the grill on, remembering that every time you put the grill on the smoke alarms go off, it spitting everywhere etc etc? Probably not


You put a few spoons of water in the pan with the bacon and it makes it dead crispy apparently.

no it’s not. which is why I never do it.

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i have not. might try it next time

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Surprised to see so many going for butter.

A chip butty and fish finger sandwich are the only hot sandwiches that should be buttered imo



Greggs does one thing right and thats the bacon baguette (no butter, no sauce)

Greggs does a lot of things right you clown!

Ahhh that is laaavely

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Bought this sauce the other day and one of the recommendations is to put it on bacon


I havent done that…yet


It’s pretty crap. Saves a bit of oil I suppose and maybe works better with streaky?

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Of course you have!

started doing bacon in the air fryer cos it doesn’t stink the house out like the grill or frying pan does, plus there’s no grill for a small person to open / no frying pan for her to say “WANT LOOK AT!!!”

actually very good results


Yeah I’ve been thinking about giving this a go too actually. How long do you cook it for?

it’s very quick - 8 mins or something

actually that’s about the same as any other method innit, christ

anyway it feels less messy for some reason

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Aside from his bacon choice, it’s hard to know how much more Pete could fuck it here

Do you line the fryer pan with anything first? Puts me off doing greasy things in there cause it’s harder to clean than a pan.