Bad Actor

Tom Hardy - silly voice, arms held far away from body while walking. Nonetheless still quite likable.


Tess of The D’Urbervilles was good though

have you seen that film where he’s in the car the whole time talking about concrete?

plays it welsh for no good reason

I’ve got that recorded. Haven’t watched it, probably never will.

Like the film
Hate the accent

Locke innit

Moriarty off of Sherlock

Fucking dial it down a bit sunshine.


Yeah, the accent ruins it. Oddly in Taboo he sometimes sounds Welsh…

Same with Negan in the WDEAD

I was wondering this while watching that taboo programme. I think he’s a decent actor but that voice he puts on in it just makes it a bit ‘look at me act’. That scene with him and the guy who plays Al Capone in boardwalk empire/skinhead in This is England/Statham’s mate in snatch was much better.

He did something similar in Peaky Blinders but that was so scenery chewing I enjoyed it.

Speaking of Taboo (and Sherlock) - did NOT need to see Mark Gatiss turn up as the Prince Regent. Did NOT.

Star turn in the greatest scene ever put to film, mind.

Yeah I really like Gatiss in the LoG days and has horror programme. Now he’s on my nips.

Aidan Gillan’s a bit shit too, don’t like him as Tommy Carcetti and can’t think of anything else he’s been in

He was in The Dark Knight Rises, mate.

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He wants someone to say he’s in Game of Thrones so that he can slag it off.

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He’s in Game of Thrones, of course!

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Not on dragonpornforvirginsbook

He’s the Bane of this thread.

Always found Hardy a bit of an odd’un. This interview with Nick Cave about Hardy’s role in Lawless is bizarre.

‘He came in saying, “I want to play Forrest Bondurant like I’m an old lesbian.” Another time he said, “I’m going to play Forrest Bondurant based on the old lady in the cartoon “Tweetie Pie.” Do you know that? Do you know Sylvester and Tweety?’

Ok Tom.