Bad back gang

Hi crew! How’s your back?

I don’t know if it’s getting older, six years of lugging two increasingly large children about, or getting a new desk (or some combination of these things), but in the past couple of weeks my back has really started to give me some issues.

Is this the end now? Will I just be a bad back person for the rest of my life? My dad has been complaining about his neck for like 20 years.

Should I take up Pilates or something?

My mum is in her 60s with a good back thanks to gentle yoga that is consistent. I need to take a leaf out of her book


Definitely do some Pilates/yoga. I only have a bad back when I forget to do yoga for a while. Which is a lot of the time because I’m an idiot. Don’t be like me.

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my lower back has been bad in the last week or so, but I think this is due to a combination of slouching + not keeping up with certain exercises

inevitable though, isn’t it, lower back pain

Mine is a bad coccyx.

Standing desk helps. I try to stand for most meetings at work and sit the rest of the time. Then plenty of walking. Should do more yoga but I’m a lazy lazy bastard.

Yes. And keep moving throughout the day.

If you’ve not done pilates before, go to a class with an instructor. Good form is very important, and you’ll never get it quite right if you’re going off youtube videos.

Lower back really hurts, mate. Have taken to moving the moulded insoles I have for my running trainers into each of my different footwear options as and when I wear them because it’s my pronation that’s causing it apparently. What a load of stupid shit.

Back has been a bit dodgy for a while but then absolutely gubbed it by standing up back in october. Had two brief periods of excruciating pain where i couldn’t stand in a straight line - weirdly was skewed on the horizontal axis rather than the vertical.if that makes sense.

Physio doesn’t seem to be helping and he kept encouraging me to keep up my running but last week that led to me standing like the tower of pisa for three days.

Actually feeling it more in my legs than anything, just constantly feel tight in my hanstrings and have really painful twinges in my hips. Sitting for any length of time is an absolute killer.

Not gonna lie it is really getting me down as I’m pretty active and hate sitting around. Even in the pub i prefer standing. At the moment, standing, sitting and transferring between the two is just a nightmare and i hate the idea that my weans will just see me as some hobbling old man.

Finding stretching very difficult to make routine and i don’t feel like I’m getting the benefit anyway.

Massively demotivated my healthier eating kick i was on too.

Fuck this mortal form.

Back is and has been fucked for years. Yoga helps, but still need pretty regular painkillers - I am fortunate in that I only get the nice side effects, but that does mean I have to be aware of the temptation to abuse them. It is better than it was at it’s worst, but still find if I have to stand still for >30 minutes it starts twitching like a motherfucker.

The major pain-in-the-ass times are gigs (which I love) and lecturing (increasingly large part of my job). Have learned to live with it.

Wrecked it go-karting in November though - a good few weeks of as-bad-as-it-has-ever-been, but seems to be in a relatively good patch now.

I have scoliosis, kyphosis and sciatica and my back hurts to some degree pretty much constantly. Standing still is the worst for it. Keep meaning to try pilates but never actually do it.

My lower back is an absolute bastard and has been for years. I am however massively overweight and generally unfit so I guess this goes with the territory.

yeah it’s bad. not as bad as it has been, but certainly not as good

Fucked my back properly when I was a teenager stacking shelves and not lifting correctly. Since then, every so often if I don’t pay attention to my posture when sitting, lift something heavy, or even once get out of the car wrong I screw it up. Then for 1-2 weeks I have real trouble moving, have to take painkillers and walk like I’ve crapped my pants. I’ve got a bean cushion thing that I heat and have to apply to my lower back throughout the day.

And each time I think I should do Pilates, strengthen my core, or something to help prevent it…but don’t.

Lower back/arse was killing me a week or two back. Think it was from sitting uncomfortably at work. Corrected my posture last week - sat a bit more upright, etc - and it seemed to resolve it (although I ended up with a sore wrist instead).

Bit of a work irk but they really didn’t think about comfort for the driver when they designed our trains.

Used to have a really bad back especially lower back.

Been going to spine safe Pilates for about 5 years and rarely get any issues now. Certainly nothing like I used to

Cured a weird knee thing I had to where I could feel a pressure building up in my knee if I didn’t straighten my leg out


Slept on the sofa for most of last year because I was afraid to sleep in my room because I thought there were rats up there, that was really bad for my back!

My father in law had really unpleasant back problems - swears by pilates. Should probably listen to him and give it a go

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Yeah my back was terrible a few months ago, likewise mostly brought on by carrying around two small people who wriggle a lot.

I’ve been doing back strengthening work at the gym but the main thing that’s made a difference was seeing an Osteopath, I’ve been to one near to me (E17) three times. A bit of mild massage and then some slightly worrying back-cracking and I felt the majority of the discomfort go after the first session.