Bad Bunny

Quite surprised that one of my most played artists of 2022 so far is from Puerto Rico (Pachyman, dub reggae artist who now lives in L.A.), and yet I’ve barely heard of Bad Bunny.

The Marias suddenly have 10M listeners on Spotify, presumably because their lead singer is featured on the latest Bad Bunny album. Insane streaming numbers.

I really, really need to cut down on the AFC Bournemouth references, but…

He’ll always be welcome round mine for a few cans as he was on this absolute goddamn banger.


He’s a good lad, been very outspoken for trans rights and awareness, very gender playful in his own representation (both pretty boldly progressive for a Caribbean artist), music is very eclectic and shapeshifting and enjoyable, has quite a kind vibe in interviews. It’s not surprising that there’d be a few "eh?"s on this site but he is the de facto biggest artist in the world. The fact that Spanish is the primary language for the majority of people in the US is probably a factor although BTS were massive long before they popped a few English bangers out so also just maybe a sign that the kids are open-minded to music even if they don’t understand the lyrics

On top of all the prolific music, and touring, and wrestling, and acting cameos, he’s also about to be in the film Bullet Train in a main role, surely he’s a set of AI clones rather than one human being


Absolutely massive in the Mexican / US latino markets especially, not surprising really. Not my bag though, and found his wrestling SPOTTY and LACKING IN STORYTELLING.