Bad dates

please regale us with tales of terrible dates you’ve been on below…

was once walking to a pub to meet a girl for a first date when she text me to tell me she wouldn’t be there as she’d arranged another date for an hour before with a different guy and was now just heading up the road with him instead…

credit to @laelfy for suggesting this thread btw


@dots please make your usual bad dates joke

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September 11th

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Had nothing to say to each other so I got really pissed by myself (a classic really) and then fell over and broke multiple ribs on the corner of a chair

She walked out whilst I was winded and lying on the floor. I probably would have done the same to be honest


Went on a date with a girl when it was quite icy. On the 10 min walk to the bar she slipped over 3 times. We didn’t have a second date.


Many years ago now. Went to meet someone at a pub. Got a pint of Guinness and was asked “What’s that, rum?”. Pretty much went downhill rapidly after that with me doing almost all of the talking, so just ended up talking absolute shite which culminated in her saying “how do you know so much stuff?”.


Went to see Hostel and then to Subway with a lass when I was 18. Both her choices.

Not really had any other bad dates.

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Oh actually thats a lie a couple months ago i was on a date that was going well and then the girl got really drunk, kept moaning about her ex and then made a transphobic comment that made me cut it short.

Just done some brief Facebook sleuthing and she’s now well into Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones cosplay.

Ah well, in another life…

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harsh - she could have lied!

Think I’ve already told all my bad date stories on here. Need to go on some more to get some new material.

i don’t get this


Worst date was with a girl who turned up really hungover so didn’t want to go to the pub as planned. We wandered round Birmingham for a couple of hours instead, with the conversation rapidly drying up. It was excruciatingly awkward, pointing at buildings and trying to find something interesting to say along the lines of ‘oh look, big windows.’

Neither of us knew the city that well so by the end we were pretty lost. She went to get the bus back to town, and I was then mugged when I went to get cash out for a taxi home.


Only if you behave badly enough to give me a funny story

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That OP is savage :open_mouth:

Not been on any particularly bad dates really, went on one where she basically didn’t say anything for about three hours, so had to craft increasingly complex open-ended questions which couldn’t be answered by yes or no.

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She thought my pint of Guinness was a pint of rum

surely the polite thing to do in these circumstances is just cancel or reschedule the date?!

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