Bad Habits

What ya got?

Starving myself and drug/alcohol abuse mainly


Biting nails and skin around nails.


Constantly complaining about pretty much everything in the world.

Booze and fags


Too selfless in bed.


Yep - I do this too much

Alright Liam Gallagher


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Prone to a nose pick

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Nail biting, thumb sucker.

Spot digger/scab picker

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Constantly pull hairs out of my beard

Taking my disposable contact lenses out and leaving them to congeal on either chair arms, windowsills, kitchen worktops, dining table, bedside cabinet, etc.



No 1 right now is another fall of the wagon of the old cigs

Got to stop kidding myself that I can be a “social smoker” cos I can’t

Threw all my tobacco and rizla and filters in the bin this morning, then took the bag out and put it in the wheelie bin outside.

Got a stressful couple of days coming up (job interview tomorrow) so pray for me DIS

I also drink too much and eat too much sugar and am a lazy twat

Bite nails
Picking skin around fingers
Leave empty mugs around the house

I bite my nails and I’m a real fidget, if I’m just having to stand somewhere without actively doing something I’ll be playing with my keys or something.

Clive would say my worst habit is shouting at the TV when Question Time is on.

Ha, not falling for this again narc!

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