Bad ideas you are following

I recently got TikTok (don’t ask) and the algorithm served me up this teen who thinks holding a ‘Project X Sesh’ in Gloucestershire with 1000+ people will be a good idea this summer

I’m following this to see how far he goes with his illegal event that he is openly organising / if it goes ahead

Just realised he has opened donations for this so it’s definitely a grift

Are there any other bad ideas you are following?

Liberal democracy
Free market capitalism

I think we’re more embedded in those than my ironic detachment from a 17 year old trying to get his parents house robbed

Just keeping an eye on them personally, seeing if any hilarity ensues

Putting money into my pension every month.



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This could be a potentially good idea epimer, I have no regrets currently

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Waiting until Robbie croaks before selling. Very clever


I have now found a group of maybe 16 year olds who are building a log cabin in the woods to ‘sesh’ in. Also a bad idea but much better than ruining your parents house for clout

Actually looks pretty good:

what the hell is a project X?

It was an awful film from about 10 years ago where these teenagers threw a massive party which got out of hand. Think a Skins party amped to 1000. Amazed people are still using it as a phrase tbh