Bad Luck / Superstitions

I just dropped and split a little shaving mirror in my bathroom (bad because it was the useful magnified side)

That’s 7 years fucked innit

You got any superstitions? Put your shoes on the same way all the time or something?

I call my seagull and chips socks my lucky socks but actually I just like wearing them.


if it’s magnified it’s more like 21 years mate


7 years bad sex if you don’t look someone in the eye when cheersing them
reckon everyone’s done that at some point though so it must cancel out


This is a good one. I have a lucky jumper that literally no good things have happened whilst wearing it, I just like how it feels, which is the greatest luck of all.

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1.5 years bad luck if you don’t clap every day at 20:00

(is it every day you do it in the UK, or every week?)

I’m bad at making eye contact so this explains the barren wasteland that is my sex life

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Lot of bad sex around though

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Never heard it called that before etc

Every hour

The nhs will be happy


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Step on a crack, make your brothers sack.


They can make their own damn sacks

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Yes, your brothers sack. I don’t make the rules up m8.


Ten years moderate luck for you then pal.

Wow. How many sacks do brothers get through.

I’ve said this before, but my mum is powerfully superstitious and once pushed me into the road to stop me walking under a ladder. I like to believe she checked for traffic first, but I’ll never know for sure.

Can’t put new shoes on the table, can’t have curtains drawn after noon, can’t leave the house by a different door to the one you entered it, chucking salt over shoulders, no stepping on three grates (spitting on them if you do), counting and saying good morning to magpies… etc.

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Yew trees. For centuries, in Derbyshire the yew tree has symbolised bad luck. Even to this day it’s considered bad luck if a yew tree falls on your car