Bad news


Another week of this fucking horrible weather.

Roll on the autumn.


*winter II

Cannot wait for it to break


Government should be doing something in my opinion, weather machines, cloud seeding, mr burns style sun blocker


Fingers crossed it stays like this until October


yeah I’m loving it - but think this is largely thanks to having a cool place to live/ sleep


Winter > Spring > Autumn > Summer


Yeah my sitting room is like an oven rn :fire::fire::fire:


Pure pishing down in Cumbria today.


Double Winter > Winter II > Winter I > Autumn > Double Winter > Spring > Summer


Hammock in Shoreditch?


a yurt in Austin


I would still take this over winter II anytime



  • Heatwave
  • Cold snap

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Are there any countries where it is still warm and sunny, but the temperature never gets above 25 degrees?


Depends when it is. Heatwave in July = wonderful. Heatwave in January = absolutely terrifying.

Likewise a cold snap in August would be dreadful.


Scotland once every few decades


So now you’re throwing Double Winter II into the mix?



I’ll only listen to bad news coming from this guy.


But with about the same amount of sun, I mean.


Capital of Somaliland is like that, lovely mix of being sub Saharan but also high altitude. About 25-30 all year round and very breezy