Bad Things You Did As A Child - A Thread of Amnesty, Confession And Forgiveness

• needed a poo in my uncles back garden (don’t) when I was about 8. The house was a long way away so I just went behind the shed. My cousin dobbed me in and my uncle had to bury my human shit with a spade.

• was well into that thing where you go “smell that” to like an ice cream or cake and dunk someone’s face in it, got carried away and did it to someone at primary school with a brick wall. He cried a lot. Daniel Chitty, I am really sorry and not sure what I was thinking


alright, @fappable


Is there already a thread? :frowning:

no. she just likes to poo in sheds.


Mine was behind the shed. I’m not a monster


Raided my sister’s room with Ricky, pulled all the legs off her little set of chairs that she used for doll’s parties and chucked them out the Velux™ skylight


When I was a kid me and my mates would go into the local golf course at night and poo in the holes. And wish we were able to witness the idiots that played golf putting their hand in to retrieve their ball.


Made some fairy cakes with my friend. We were putting chocolate icing on the top, and decided to make some to trick her brother with, with marmite in the centre, and chocolate on top. He ate them without complaint.


Was pinging stones with a tennis racket on my driveway once, big cul de sac. Caught one absolutely plum and watched it sail 50 metres over towards number 12 or so and smash the back window of their car on their drive. Ran straight back indoors, hid the tennis racket and got a bike out and disappeared off for an hour or so. Must have been a bird, dropping a stone or something.

(Was about 12)


Have you since tried these? I bet there’s a market for them.


We were really disappointed, and kept going “Do you like your cake David? How is it?” and he was just like “yes, these are nice” and placidly eating them.


i egged ben jones’ house. sorry mate.

This post makes me feel really sad for David :frowning:

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That’s so horrible. Thank you for absolving yourself

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Stole from footy stickers from Adam Miller. Shit man, still genuinely regret it to this day.

He was the kind of younger brother who lurks around outside windows with a water pistol waiting to shoot people unawares, so don’t feel too bad for him as the object of pranks.

I hit Katie.

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Also with the same friend and brother, we decided to recreate the Crystal Maze finale with a load of shredded gold paper, a hairdryer and an umbrella. This did not go down well with her parents.

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he has absolutely done you there