Bad times at The Louvre

Been to The Louvre twice, both with my ex.

First time I went was on a trip to meet her parents (they’re French) and we ended up having our first proper argument whilst having lunch in the cafe.

Second time was my last trip to see her after she’d moved back to France and I knew the relationship was over. Walking around The Louvre was not a pleasant experience.

Bad times at The Louvre.


I had a similar experience at the Tate with my ex - we went and looked at paintings and silently resented each other.

i went once and the queue was really big so we went and got burritos instead i think

Well, they say it’s better to have Louvred and lost than never to have Louvred at all.


The food in Paris is shit.

Only good food I’ve had in Paris was Turkish takeaways

My only real memory of the Lourve is my feet hurting. So I’m concluding that my time at the Lourve must have been at least moderately bad.

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I got shouted at by a very angry security guard for putting my daughter on my shoulders so that she could see The Mona Lisa.

Long way for delivery.

I went with my ex when she wasn’t my ex, on a romantic trip to the Louvre. It was very good. I liked it.

So, sorry.

But we’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre

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I didn’t know what I wanted from this thread, then I realised it was this

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Louvre I don’t have to love

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There’s your first mistake pal, it’s a much nicer experience if you go with your current partner.

Only Louvre Can Break Your Heart


Only time I’ve been to Paris I was 13 and spent the whole time nagging my parents to buy me converse all stars cos they’re cheaper there. they refused but then my auntie bought me some later in the year, get in!!


Similar experience with an ex who got annoyed when I talked about how all the stuff there was basically stolen (fair enough) and then proceeded to not want to see any of the rest of it (huh). Paris is shite

remember find the venus de milo really fit and getting a bit of a semi

My parents have a Venus De Milo imitation statue in the garden and a nudey man too.

Peter NdLouvre


Me and Mrs F stayed in a hotel overlooking the Louvre for our honeymoon last year. But we didn’t go in, so I don’t know whether that qualifies as a bad or a good time at the Louvre.