Bad Vegan

What we saying then? Something ain’t right with that Sarma lady. It’s not adding up! She’s given this man a shit load of money cause he said he could make her dog immortal??! You what?!


Found this really funny, really sad and really bleak in equal parts. But yeah, agree something is missing from the story

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It’s her vagueness about it all. She’s like “I don’t know” a lot.

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I dunno if they deliberately left loads of specific dark details out so it wasn’t too heavy and sensationalised it a bit to make it more entertaining. Grim stuff though.

Also, Pigeon Forge looks amazing. Might go on holiday there. Kid my daughter into thinking we’re going to Disney World or something and rock up there


kept thinking this was a cooking podcast or something

Thought it was odd that coercive control didn’t come up until the very end of the documentary. Think it really just was that straightforward that she was in an abusive relationship but agree it felt like something was missing.


I took from the final episode (particularly the bit with the journalist) that they were implying that she was only doing all of it as she was still convinced that he was flush with cash and if she kept going along with it she’d end up with him paying off all her debts.

Was really quite sad that it ended with a recording of them talking again as he’d clearly been emotionally abusive to her.

Find it very weird everyone says they’d never heard of raw veganism like ten years ago, the point the fad had already passed.

I desperately want to go there now! I’ve been to a few weird places like that in Florida. Upside down houses an all that

This is something I’m confused about.
So she gave him all his money.
Got her business in debt.
Only for her to try and set up the guy buying the business and paying off the debt?
With her money?!

Very confusing.

I think he was constantly implying that he had loads of money. He faked all those accounts to send to the estate agent which allowed them to then view all those really expensive properties.

It wasn’t really made clear at what point she figured out he was broke and only spending her money though.

Found it pretty fucked up that that he only got a year in jail for his part in it too.

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I also want to go to there

We were just there! The nature side of things are amazing (Smoky mountains) but the downtown areas of PF & Gatlinburg were a tourist hellscape. Just strips of places to burn money with a ton of Trump merch places thrown in every 5th store. So many gross people around.

I find her shady as well tbh. Just seen the bit with her claiming to have no awareness of the restaurant shutting down while she was away, not remembering why she fired her operations manager and I call bullshit on that. And then £850k raised somehow through very vague channels to reopen it but she doesn’t remember quite how she did it? Something is really off with that.

End of ep 3 She didn’t realise that she was on the run when she knew she had massive debts and there was no money left and everything had gone to shit??? No fucking way, Sarma is grifter.