Bad wrist blues

Anyone got bad wrists at the moment?

yep, my right wrist used to hurt during pretty much any activity, seems to have eased off a bit now though.

being in a black metal band, took me a while to get used to be doing so much tremolo picking. felt like i was getting RSI for a while.

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Right wrist is mullered from front squats. Missed the holder on the re-rack on the right side so took a p. heft weight on it for a few seconds.

More annoying than debilitating though. Thanks for asking J_229.

I’ve broken my left wrist twice - and it has a metal plate in it now

grip on that side is noticeably worse than on the right - which can give me the jar opening skills of a frail old person at times

yeah i’ve got chronic rsi :frowning:


I must have done something to fuck up my right wrist at some point in the past, though I can’t remember any specific injury, because it’s incredibly painful if I try and do a push-up. But as it never bothers me at any other time, I’ve never done anything about it.

My rsi has flared up again this past week. I think it’s a combination of DIY, hockey and being busy at work.

My wrist was killing me on the bike ride yesterday, could barely change gears with my left hand by the end

No but my ankle is feeling a little funny



What does everyone do dumbbell wise by the way? Just gone up to 18kg. Feel like that might be a bit too much for my wrists though

Hurt my left wrist by playing my Bass VI too much when I got it. Took six months to stop hurting, and still bothers me sometimes.

My physio reckons I have some kind of connective tissue disorder. So that’s good.

aye have done for a few years now. ah well.


I got knocked off my bike about six months ago, broke my wrist and damaged some tendons. I’d say that I’ve only really regained full use of it.

What Stickboy said but in a slightly more crass fashion


Left wrist canes, and I keep falling asleep on it which really doesn’t help!

Curls aye

Right wrist is fucked from an old war injury*, has been bothering me a fair bit recently and the left is a bit achey too.

*RSI (originating from rolling puff pastry).