Bad wrist blues


What Stickboy said but in a slightly more crass fashion


Left wrist canes, and I keep falling asleep on it which really doesn’t help!


Curls aye


Right wrist is fucked from an old war injury*, has been bothering me a fair bit recently and the left is a bit achey too.

*RSI (originating from rolling puff pastry).


The usual innit, bicep curls, tricep extensions and shoulder presses.

Also get a kettlebell in there if possible. Goblet squats and lunge presses are where it’s at.


My wrists are ok. Back and shoulders are a little tender as I’m swimming more than I should be being a podgy out of shape 31 year old


Yeah, right one especially from guitar/bass and having fractured it once playing football, makes certain yoga moves agony :persevere: