Badges Suggestions

I’m pretty sure if @sean wanted to we could have some custom badges made for us to aim for and achieve in the spirit of these new gameified boards.

This is a space for you to suggest some and maybe if it gets lots of likes he’ll make it happen.

If this thread’s happened before you can go fuck yourselves!!!

I would like to suggest the following:
• You’ve Been Marckeed! (Marckee replies to at least 30 of your comments!)
• Creeper (posting in 10 or more threads in the radiohead board)

Thought this thread was going to be about badgers.


I would participate in a Badger Suggestions thread, theoretically.

Something for mentioning Corbyn 100 times.
your avatar gets that Blue fucking hat if you post it 1000 times

Boring badge: Granted for posting sincerely in any of the threads for rubbish TV and films for children (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Superheroes etc.)

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Suit You!
something about tailoring


You have posted 10 selfies in the space of a week.

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All that jazz - Liked by bird 100 times.


Rename the marckee badge to ‘watch out, marckee’s about!’ plz.

randonneur - 500 posts in the cycling thread

Derailleur - cycling chat in what formerly was not a thread about cycling.


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Squidpan - Squidpan

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Domestique - participation in a 30+ reply argument about bikes.

Haggis boasty

You have bleeted on about haggis toasties for what feels like a decade.

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Monologuing Bastard - Reply to your own posts a hundred times.
My Vitriol - Start writing a post, but don’t finish/abandon it for three years (maybe more?).
Desperate for Friends - Like a post within 10 seconds of it being posted.

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That last one: remember on the old boards when you’d post too quickly and it would say “bit needy aren’t you?!” or something like that.

I don’t miss that

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“You are A Bit Needy!”